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About Us

 Precision Oil Pumps

As the owner of Precision Oil Pumps, I have 25 years of automotive machining and manufacturing experience. In the late 80¿s I worked for ARP as a CNC Machinist and have worked on many of their oil pump drives. In the early 90¿s after ARP, I went to work with Ford Power Parts. I brought what I learned from ARP to FPP and began machining oil pump drives for them. FPP offered a wide selection of machined parts along with engine building. As a CNC machinist I was thrown into the mix of everything including blueprinting their oil pumps. At the time I had ideas in the back of my head about blueprinting a wider variety of oil pumps not only for Ford but for GM, Mopar, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac as well. I also had the knowledge to manufacture oil pump drives for all those models but no one company made them all. I decided to take everything that I learned and open Precision Oil Pumps to be your one stop shop for blueprinted oil pumps and billet oil pump drives. As professional engine builders we found it hard to spend a lot of time blueprinting high dollar engines just to install and out of the box oil pump. After acquiring all the necessary parts, equipment and tooling, we finally developed a blueprinting process that was cost effective for our customer¿s engines. After so long, it became easier to blueprint these pumps on a larger scale and with the help of all our customers we decided to take it to the next level. With the proper equipment and know-how, we started to develop our own performance parts. Aside from oil pumps and drives, we manufacture our own oil filter adaptors and oil restrictor kits to complete your high performance oil system needs. Along with our in house parts, we carry many name brand performance parts to make your shopping easier. We also offer complete engine building services from mild to wild. Contact us today for the experience you need and the best bang for your buck. Owner, Doug Garifo,